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Welcome to Madden Mobile Veterinary Services!

Why choose Madden Mobile Vet Services?

There are several reasons why a Vet/ Vet team should come to your home!

1) Eliminate the transportation stress and waiting room anxiety for your pet.

2) Convenience for busy parents,  professionals, elderly and disabled clients that may have difficulty bringing their pet to a clinic.

3)  Specific pet issues such as elderly pets, multiple pet households or fractious animals whom may be hard to transport.

4)  Better exams: your pet's vital signs and behaviour will not be influenced by a clinic environment - a happier pet means a better exam. 

5) Less stressful for your pet - and less stressful for YOU!

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Hours and Location

Mon - Fri: 10am-5pm

Sat - Sun:  Closed

**Please note we are happy to accommodate times outside these hours if booked in advance

**We serve Toronto and some of the Greater Toronto Area

**If this is an emergency- time is very crucial!  Please contact the nearest emergency clinic.

Please see the list of nearest emergency hospitals on the Resources page.

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Kitty Love

Services and Preventative Care

Even when your pet is healthy, routine checkups are vital. When treated early, there are issues that can be quickly and easily solved, which is why we’re committed to practicing preventative care at Madden Mobile. Contact us to learn more about our services and how you can help make a difference in the lives of your pets.


Shopping Online

We’re committed to your pet’s health and will always do our best to treat and heal animals in pain.  We want to help you get your pet diets, treats, drugs, preventative medicine as well as toys and cat litter.  All of this can be purchased online and delivered anywhere in Ontario!  We help you give your loving pet the products, attention and care it needs.


Euthanasia and Hospice Services

When it comes to humanely euthanizing your pet, many families would prefer for this to happen in the comfort of their home without any undue stress.  Your animal should feel safe and secure for their final moments.  We can also help asses if it time and any way we can make your pet more comfortable  in the final days and months that your pet may have.

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Contact Us

Send an email, or give Madden Mobile Veterinary Services a ring to learn more.

Tel: 647-478-9855

fax: 647-776-7629

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